After returning home from Ibiza 2 days ago; I was lucky enough to go straight from the airport to day 1 of rehearsals for my next job. I made my way to famous studio 5000- Elstree way for a rehearsal and pre-lighting day for a Nikon/John Wright collaboration for Nikons newest viral commercial. I arrive- warm up and learn choreography to dance with a MOVING ROBOT! Choreographer and friend Glenn Ball put me through my paces and helped me prepare for the long shoot day ahead of me the following day.

For the shoot I was Pussycat Dolls- Kymberely Wyatt’s body double who at 5 and a half months pregnant still looked and moved amazingly. There was certain tricks and moves with the robot that it would not of been safe of physically possible for Kym to do whilst pregnant which is where I came in handy.

I had a FANTASTIC day with the whole team especially Mr John Wright- photo/film/camera expert who made the day run smoothly and full of entertainment.