WOW WOW WOW- So the last couple of days in fact couple of months have been pretty manic and now it’s all over I want to-  start the whole process all again. The London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony- Thanks Tim with Kenrick Sandy as a lucky professional cast member I have had quite the journey.

After getting the email to say I had got the job, I was excited for something new, something large scale and anything which meant I got to work with Kenrick Sandy (Boy Blue Entertainment) again. A huge, huge part of my dance life, journey since the age of 12 I couldn’t wait to work along side him in such an amazing project. Until you are apart of such a large scale project like the Olympics most people (including myself) are so oblivious to just how tough it is for a choreographer/creative to put on a show like that.

Weeks and weeks of 9am-5pm rehearsals with some amazing friends old and new, fittings, tech rehearsals at the stadium, 2 dress runs and a camera run- the show was about to happen and all I could not wait!! I could hear a loud, sold out London Olympic stadium and I wanted this performance more than anything. It was over in a flash and all I wanted to do was do it all again. The ceremony finished, fireworks lit the sky and me and TEAM KENRICK headed to the after parttyyyyyyyyy!

Check out some snaps and video footage I found.