Fresh from working with the Kiesza crew, I have been working on the brand new music video for The Kooks for the past couple of weeks. Due to illness of lead singer (Luke), it was pretty manic trying to make things work with rescheduling happening daily with rehearsals and shoot dates… BUT… WE DID IT!

The music video was shot yesterday at the Excel Centre, London where myself and 7 other girls took the set looking THE SAME. I literally could not tell the difference.

Choreographer Holly Blakey had a huge task at hand with a mechanical camera moving at one set pace in a circular motion with the band and us all in shot. Lots of obstacles, changes and things to think about the girls and myself had to stay on the ball throughout. After a few rehearsals and one super long shoot day we finished the shoot. Look out for it coming to the screens soon. The Kooks- Forgive and Forget.