Sian Taylor

"I had the pleasure of working with Sian  on a Sony PS3 dance game titled Dance Star Party in 2012.  The job itself was quite intense due to the high amount of choreography that had to be learnt and the precision in which it had to be executed at.  This was absolutely no problem for Sian to deliver.  She worked concisely and efficiently to produce the standard of work I expected.  She is also a very polite and caring individual which in those high pressure situations makes the whole work process much more enjoyable.  I wouldn't just recommend Sian as a dancer but also as a great leader and person to have as part of a team."

Carrie-Anne Ingrouille

I booked Sian to stunt double for the artist in a Nikon film I recently choreographed. Sian’s diversity and eagerness stretched my imagination and allowed me to create something my clients were thrilled with. She is a master of so many styles and should be an inspiration to other dancers to not rest on there laurels. She keeps training and broadening her dance vocabulary and during this job, I knew I could give Sian any style and she would be able to pull it off.

Glenn Ball- Choreographer Nikon/Kimberley Wyatt

"Sian is very sharp. She has a considered boldness that keeps her ahead of her game whilst supporting those who dance amongst her, she handles choreography with slick precision and has equally been a real joy to work with."

Holly Blakley- The Kooks Choreographer

Sian was a model for me for loreal colour trophy regional finals, this meant she had to have her hair dyed and cut for the part which she happily let me do. She had to have professional pictures taken and had to stand on stage in front of a audience and show off the hair. She also had to do a catwalk in an outfit I had provided.
She did a fantastic job and was a pleasure to work with and would happily use her again for any modelling I need.

Sami- Loreal Hair 

I worked with Sian Taylor during the Sony London Studio production of DanceStar Party, for the Playstation 3.  Myself and my colleagues found Sian to be not only an extremely talented and versatile dancer, but also a very pleasant and professional person to work with.  The project involved a busy schedule, containing a large number of extremely varied routines, but the standard of Sian's work remained consistently high throughout rehearsals and shoots.  Sian always responded well to feedback, and clearly felt a strong sense of professional pride in how she approached her work.  I also found Sian to be a good listener and a swift learner, but also a valuable contributor, and she quickly formed a strong understanding of how the unique needs of a dancing game might influence her performances.

John Foster- Sony Playstation: DanceStar Party


"We were thrilled to have Sian Taylor on the team for Kiesza's key performances for Isle of MTV (Malta), Coca cola festival (Rome) and Capitol FM Summertime ball at Wembley (London). I appreciated Sian's ability to work brilliantly under the pressure of often minimal rehearsal time. She exhibits an impeccable professional conduct and I was impressed with her versatility as a dancer."

Ljuba Castot- Kiesza Choreographer NYC

"I worked with Sian on the music video for 'Jack', by Breach, which I produced through Riff Raff, directed by the Sacred Egg. 
Sian was a pleasure to work with, and her dedication and energy shone through, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her highly enough to any choreographer or director." 

Sarah Tognazzi- Producer for Jack, Breach